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Bhangra – A dance on drum beats

Hey guys! I come up with my experience of Bhangra when I  visited Punjab in my best friend’s wedding, a dance of full of energy. If I talk about the “Bhangra” we remember a song on Lohri performed by renowned … Continue reading

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Garba : Cultural Folk Dance

Garba is a popular dance form of Gujarat and is being performed not only in India but in all over the world by the Gujaratis. Garba is originated in the Gujarat region. It is much similar to the Indian classical … Continue reading

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Kuchipudi and Tanpura

Kuchipudi is a classical Indian dance from Andhra Pradesh. it is popular in South India. kuchipudi is the name of a village where the borders of Bay of Bangal gets connected. kuchipudi is a dance – drama performance which is … Continue reading

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Fusion of Indian Classical Dance & Music

In India, Classical music is the form of art like the classical dance. It is a kind of South Asian Music encompassing North and South Indian customs majorly. Essential Music ensuing deep-rooted ethics rather than a folk, jazz, or prevalent … Continue reading

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Blissful Bharatanatyam

  A few years ago, when I performed in one dance competition, Bharatanatyam was introduced by some other folks. I was thrilled& overwhelmed by the performance of our group would like to share with you all. As history depicts Bharatanatyam is the … Continue reading

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Essence and Customs of Indian Classical Dances

India is the land of different cultures, festivals, rituals along with many types of Classical Dances and Classical Music. It would be very inequitable to describe the importance of Indian Classical Dance and Music in few words. So, I would like … Continue reading

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