Bhangra – A dance on drum beats

Punjabi community performing Bhangra

Hey guys! I come up with my experience of Bhangra when I  visited Punjab in my best friend’s wedding, a dance of full of energy. If I talk about the “Bhangra” we remember a song on Lohri performed by renowned Bollywood actors shahrukh khan and preity zinta in the movie of Veerzaara. Bhangra is an attractive expression form originated in Punjab, India and developed modern Bhangra by the Punjabi diaspora. Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal, and Haryana in India & Punjab in Pakistan are eminent for Bhangra due to Punjabi crowd settled in 1947. Traditionally, it has been associated with harvesting season & appreciation of god for farmers & celebrations of festival called Vaisakhi. Almost in all occasions like wedding, vaisakhi fairs and on other social functions Bhangra have been presented as a men performance only.

Men’s traditional attire of Bhangra & styles

Drummer plays significant role in Bhangra spreading non-stop beats with barrel size drum called as a dhol interconnected to the instrument the tumbi. Luddi & Bhangra is performed by men folk, especially Luddi-rejoice victory. Usually, men adorn with lungi, long silk Kurtis and turban displaying exceptional athletic deed & lifted up arm steps.

Women’s Bhangra styles


Well ! Punjabi girls are not backward compared to men when exhibiting captivating moves of Giddha. The blend of women refinement, liveliness and tractability towards dance wearing lehngha (ghaghra-choli), short Kurtis with tikka on head overwhelmed us in the wedding. A small rumal called scarf enhances the beauty of Punjabi women who mostly demonstrate the Giddha in the winter festival.

In this days and age, Punjabis have been found in many countries containing Canada, US, UK and Australia displaying the enormous art of Bhangra with modern actions. Striving performance and graceful movement of indo-western dance induces me to visit Punjab again. For dance lovers..


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