Garba : Cultural Folk Dance

Garba Art performance by Bollywood Actors

Garba is a popular dance form of Gujarat and is being performed not only in India but in all over the world by the Gujaratis. Garba is originated in the Gujarat region. It is much similar to the Indian classical dances such as Bharatanatyam and Odissi.

Garba is a circular dance form, performed by ladies in the Navratri festival. Navratri is celebrated to worship the goddess Durga, the dance is held during nine days. An image of the goddess Durga is placed in the middle of the ground as an idol of adoration & devotion. Garba dancers make concentric circles that move in opposite directions. Sometimes, the performers circle around an image of goddess Durga with clay pot or a water-filled vessel. Garba dance always begins slowly and increasingly gets speed.

Group Garba dance

Navratri is my favorite festival. In, India, the Navratri Garba was organised where I stayed, with great fanfare. That included live music, singers, decorated lights and of course, mid-night snacks! I was enjoying Garba with my friends in a group. Ohh! How was those days..

Dandiya dance




Garba and Dandiya:

Dandiya is a dance form of Garba but the major difference between the two dance forms is that Garba is performed in a circle by the movements of hands and feet, while Dandiya is the act, performed with colorful sticks. In Dandiya dance, it gives the opportunity to the performer for acting and exchanging messages through eye contact. The eye-catching feature of Dandiya is its famous attire. The attire for men and women is different. Women dress code includes ghagra, choli and odhni while men wear colorful dhotis and kurtas with beautiful mirror work.

If you get chance, enjoy Garba of Gujarat.. Surely, it would be an incredible experience for you!




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