Kuchipudi and Tanpura

Kuchipudi Art

Kuchipudi is a classical Indian dance from Andhra Pradesh. it is popular in South India. kuchipudi is the name of a village where the borders of Bay of Bangal gets connected. kuchipudi is a dance – drama performance which is derived from the ancient Hindu Sanskrit text of Natya Shastra. An eye-catching quality of Kuchipudi is its graceful footwork.

Kuchipudi Foot work

kuchipudi has been superior because in special dance performances, it is performed on brass plate and turning the plate with the feet to the tune of the accompanying music. kuchipudi dancer has to follow gestures with dance, the speech and song.

kuchipudi includes of a mixture of tandava and lasya elements. I still remember the pot dance performance of kuchipudi by my mentor in the performance and was astonishing. In that, a pot was filled with water on her head, and her feet were balanced on a brass plate. How she was moving on the stage, using the brass plate with the feet kept on its end and doing some hand movements, without pouring a drop of water on the ground was really admirable act of my mentor, I can say.

A Lady playing the Tanpura

A peculiar quality of the Tanpura is its sound effect and is produced by the continuous playing of its strings. The way Tanpura is utilized in kuchipudi that makes for the full expression of the different melodic types. In kuchipudi, there are certain rituals that are performed in front of the audience. After the rituals, the maestro, with the musicians come on stage, starts a play of rhythm on tanpura and with the pattern of tanpura, releases the title of dance drama and that fascinating part of kuchipudi attracts me to watch it again and again…

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