Fusion of Indian Classical Dance & Music

Fusion of Classical Dance & Music

In India, Classical music is the form of art like the classical dance. It is a kind of South Asian Music encompassing North and South Indian customs majorly. Essential Music ensuing deep-rooted ethics rather than a folk, jazz, or prevalent tradition.Indian classical dance is incomplete without its classical music. Carnatic is followed by South Indian manifestation while Hindustani represents the North Indian custom.

I remember those days when i was rehearsing for hours endlessly in music class. Ohh! How was those days…It reflects clear image in my mind and the cherished sound that still echoed in my ear. Music makes me feel rejuvenated while some time i try to play harmonium. The fusion of Bharatnatyam and Classical music is so adorable. Raga and tala (basic fundamentals), combination of rhythm, beats and time of that beats get composed by the musician and performed by the dancers.

Harmonium – Indian classical music Instrument

Harmonium: A Sound of India 

Harmonium has a great impact on Indian Classical dance. It’s very old form of instruments that bear a resemblance to piano. Easy use and simple method are the foremost features of its fame. When the matter is of introduction, Bellows(metal tongues) are pushed by hand to flow air in the harmonium to produce sound. Keyboard used to create melodious sound while it has been played by someone exclusively in dance performance. I always get lost in some ecstatic memory when i found the sound of harmonium that itself a symbol of harmony & Indian class in classical dance.

This is not done yet as I have a lot to post about Indian classical music, its different instruments and how it plays pivotal role in classical dance. If you like my post, please do write your own experience here. For dance lovers…

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